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Howell High School

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The Scholars' Center for the Humanities at Howell High School offers a program that will prepare students for numerous professional options through a curriculum that is both broad in scope and comprehensive in content, focusing on the American experience. Through this multi-faceted program, students develop advanced research techniques, writing acuity, and sophisticated verbal communication skills. In addition, the center provides students with an opportunity to explore the liberal arts in an intensive, issues-oriented, interdisciplinary approach. Areas of study in the curriculum will include: government, history, anthropology, philosophy, literature, and the arts.

A concentrated emphasis is placed on developing analytical and critical thinking skills, research capabilities, and proficiency in written and verbal communication in addition to traditional college preparatory course work. Upon completion of the Scholars' Center's program, the student shall have acquired, developed, and applied the following skills: analysis and argumentation, expository, persuasive, and creative written and verbal communication techniques, problem solving through inquiry, research design and methodology, critical thinking, multi-disciplinary strategies and applications.